No two books are the same

The intention bound into each book is to elicit delight and inspire creativity. Just like us, no two books are the same.

Bitter melon is an unattractive, bitter vegetable that tastes surprisingly delicious when stir-fried with black bean sauce. It has an unforgettable taste that I would complain about as a child because it stays bitter no matter how it's cooked. I grew to appreciate my cultural roots and its bitterness over time.

Bookbinding is one of many processes to help heal and reconnect to my inner self and inner child. Crafting has always been a way to retreat, as a tactile person who learns to be creative by doing. I love losing myself in a book project. To me, making books is a selfish act. I've been taught to prioritize everything else over my mental and emotional wellbeing. Building Bitter Melon Bindery has been healing for me in ways that I didn't anticipate.

I hope that my books bring you delight and inspire creativity!

Chanel Ly 李佩燕, artist and owner